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January 10, 2015

We highly recommend Rugged Cross. We just got our black Lexus IS 250 coated with the the 3 year ceramic coating and the interior sealed by William. It was a certified pre-owned but the dealer had missed mold in the back where the floor humps up because of the drive line. We hadn't noticed it because it looked very clean and it's a black interior but William had spotted it and extracted it before he stain guarded the interior. We will definitely be getting more work done here and telling others about his great work ethics and customer service. Thank you Rugged Cross!

August 30, 2014

Great job. I had water spots on my BMW for almost 9 months! Now they are completely gone! My car looks like brand new. Inside and outside.

October 16, 2014

I meant to write this review sooner but time got away from me. My Tundra turned a 100,000 miles a couple months ago, and I decided she deserved a little pampering so based on all the good reviews here on Yelp I took her to Willie for a full detail. Wow! She looks like a brand new truck. Okay maybe not 'brand new" but close.

My inner wheel wells had been sprayed by white house paint from someone losing bucket of paint on the highway, Willie painted them black and was able to get rid of what few specs were on the body paint as well.

I also want to say THANK YOU to Willie for supporting our Veterans and being one of a few businesses in the area to give a Military discount, actually in this case a free upgrade on a service. It was a pleasant surprise and I love the feel of the paint with the 1 Year sealant on it. I made one of my fellow Tundra driving friends come "feel" the paint on my truck. Ha ha. Bottom line, Willie's a nice guy who does a great job, you can't go wrong taking your car to him.

November 4, 2014

Very pleased with my interior detail. My 2006 Toyota is cleaner than it's ever looked before. Worth the price and Willie is very professional. He worked very hard on my very dirty dog car. The seats look brand new. It now smells and looks fabulous! Looking forward to using his services in the future.

December 25, 2014

My husband's 2006 Honda Civic had never been detailed in its life. This poor civic has been through two cross country moves, muddy dogs, and many spilled drinks. My husband is an avid gym go-er too so the arm rest had turned black from greasy forearms.

I scheduled an appointment with Willie for an interior detail over e-mail and was impressed by his responsiveness and fair price range. When I dropped off the car, he was super friendly and professional.

The interior clean took about 6-7 hours including drying time and WOW was it worth it. Willie got into everything and made it like new! He managed to eradicate sweat stains, mud, and dirt everywhere. I didn't expect Willie to wash the car itself because I only purchased an interior detail, but he went the extra mile and even applied some Rain X to the glass. Perfect for a Southern Californian! When I opened the car door, he had kindly placed any stray coins he found over the cup holders.

I'm really pleased with Rugged Cross Auto Detail and will recommend it to anyone. Willie is honest, takes pride in his work, and strives for customer satisfaction.

More Testimonials

We have been taking our cars to Willie at Rugged Cross for years to have them detailed, both for periodic details and complete pre-sale preparation. He has always done a fantastic job and over-delivered on every promise he has made, and earned the most important thing for anyone to have when it comes to handing them over the keys to our car: our trust.

Whether working on our first car (a Scion) or our current BMW, his work has always been impeccable and utterly thorough, every time we pick our car up it's like picking up a brand new car. Willie is very knowledgeable about his profession and welcomes occasion to chat it up and offer advice and opinions about how to best take care of your vehicle. Highly recommended. Scott O.

We've had Rugged Cross details. Both my husband and my vehicles twice. Amazing work. Our vehicles came out a TON better than expected. It's obvious the owner, Willie, takes tremendous pride in his work. We will always take our vehicles here.

I checked out numerous auto detail shop reviews. Rugged Cross always had consistent great reviews. I took my auto to Willie, got an estimate, made an appt and was rewarded greatly! Willie is professional, let me know ahead of time what might be trouble stains and stood behind his estimate. My auto looked amazing! When he said he would get every nook and cranny, he did! Amazing results from an amazing businessman! Don't waste time, or disappointment, just go to Rugged Cross for a job done right the first time!!! M T.

Willie is awesome! Very genuine and down-to-earth. Did a fantastic job on a van I had rented for one month. The van was REALLY dirty after working out of it for a month. There was mud everywhere, coffee stains from a spilled cup, and body paint damage from a magnetic sign.

Willie went over and above to make sure the van was spotless inside and out. All I asked for was an interior cleaning but he washed the van and even tried to buff out the damaged paint. For no additional charge! Thanks Willie! Michael W.

Willie at Rugged Cross Auto Detailing did the most amazing detailing job on my car. It was filthy but look new when I picked it up. I was most impressed. He even got the cigarette smell out. I recommend this place for all your auto detailing needs. Thanks Willie for a job well done! L. Vollmer

As much as I'm a "do-it-yourself" kinda guy, there things you sometimes let slide because you simply get busy and forget. I cleaned and buffed and detailed our new car when it was new. But as it somehow transitioned into being my wife's car, she did the car wash thing to save me the work. Thanks Hon. Eventually though she asked about having a real good clean and detail done. Now, I'm 63, not stupid, and have some life experience. HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE. So I said "what a great idea Sweetie". Smart. Very smart. Men, if you haven't planned your Valentine's Day Gift yet think about having HER CAR detailed by Willie. In fact...TELL HER you called and scheduled it NOW and get the EXTRA POINTS before it's even done ! Women Love Anticipation. Willie does an excellent job, you get a very happy wife, the gift lasts and you collect bonus points for months. Win-Win-Win. Thanks Willie

Just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for the work you did on my 2006 Subaru Legacy. I was blown away with the finished product. The upholstery and carpet looks cleaner than the day we bought it. You also located my lost wedding ring, which my wife was happy about (and also mad because she didn't know I lost it). Thank you for running a small business operated on hard work and integrity. I will be taking my vehicles to you annually from this point forward. Matthew G.

My almost 12 year car has been well taken care of but never had a detail job on the inside and has been lacking in the leather care. When Rugged Cross Auto Detail was finished with the work inside, my car looked new again! I couldn't believe how great the carpets looked .... vacuuming alone does not do the trick as I have now learned because the carpets look practically new! I am very particular and take good care of my things ... I don't even let Acura wash my car when it goes in for service so for me to have anyone work on or in my car is a big deal. I knew that I could trust Rugged Cross Auto Detail and I was NOT proven wrong! Fantastic job and I would recommend to everyone!

Thank you so much!


Customer for life

PS A grease stain that was on the cloth seat of another vehicle that we own was removed by Rugged Cross Auto Detail. We never thought that it would come out and it had been set in the material for months.

We recently purchased a 2004 Mazda3 that had been used and abused by a family with kids and a dog. We asked Willie to do a complete detail on the car and the results were absolutely amazing. It looks like a brand new car! He spent a ton of time trying to get the dog hair out of the carpet (and got all of it, as far as I can tell), but charged us less because he didn't feel it was perfect. The engine area was incredibly dirty, but he made it look like new. He was even able to buff out a lot of the little scratches in the paint. We are so pleased with the results! If you want a great job at a very reasonable price, you need to call Rugged Cross Auto Detail.

Willie is truly amazing. He provides outstanding customer service as well as a stunning product.. a completely refurbished vehicle! I have used his services many times and each and every visit has proven to have the same results. Complete satisfaction!

Great service and very affordable.

I am probably the biggest fussing about my car gal around and Willie of Rugged Cross meets my standards. He takes care of my car on a monthly basis and I am never dissapointed. He also details our rigs and they come out fantastic. He is detail oriented and takes pride in his work. He and his family are a wonderful testimony to the Lord.

May 7, 2011

We bought our daughter's 2007 Camry. . . . The car had been her 'pickup truck' ~ she has 2 dogs & lives in DUSTY Eastern Oregon; where she loves to take her pups camping. What a DIRTY car. We realized we needed it detailed! We found Willie via the World Wide Web, right here in Keizer. He had BEFORE and AFTER shots on his facebook page, Yep, FACEBOOK!

We took the Camry, with it's dog hair, scratches & POUNDS of EASTERN OREGON DUST to WIllie and he made it look new again! Beautiful job!

One more thing, Willie is honest as the day is long. He saved a little bunch of 'found objects' in the car, the collection included a nickel and 6 or 7 small feathers. There was so much dust in the car, I know he worked extra hard, trying to clean it out of all the little nooks and crannies.

Thanks, Willie. Great work. I wouldn't hesitate to return or refer business to you! – Laurie

April 16, 2011

I had my cars detailed at Rugged Cross and I am 100% satisfied. Willy's cost is very reasonable and my cars looked great when I picked them up. He even provided an extra service (leather seat conditioning) but did not charge me. On a full detail - he even does the engine bay! His shop is clean and organized which speaks volumes to me as a customer. Willy is friendly and has strong customer service skills. On my last visit - I told him, "I will be back!" I have told several friends about Willy - I also like the fact that he is a Christian man. I highly recommend Rugged Cross!– Bill

April 13, 2011

Rugged Cross detailed my 2007 Honda CR-V for me last week. I've never had it detailed before, and it had lots of crumbs, stains on the seats, a couple of dried milk spots, and lots of pens and change hidden where I couldn't reach them! Willie did a great job. The whole garage smells new with the car parked in there. The outside is shiny and the black plastic looks new. Even the engine shined! When I got gas this week, the attendant noticed and said if he cleaned my windows he would probably make a mess of the beautiful car. Inside is just as clean, and the leather has had a needed conditioning. I've been taking off my shoes so as not to get a speck of dust inside :) (sure that won't last long). Even my 4 year-old notices. Willie was easy to work with and it was simple to drop off my car and pick it up at the end of the day. I appreciated his input regarding the status of my car and tips to maintain it. Now I can keep my "old" car awhile longer and avoid buying new just yet.– Holly

April 6, 2011

We have had Rugged Cross Auto Detail make our vehicles beeautiful three seperate times. They are always extremely detailed on our vehicles taking extra time to get to all the nooks and crannys. We've never had anyone actually remove the seats on our cars and get underneath them. Our cars always come home smelling fresh and sparkling shiney!!! Best of all they always take before and after photos... which allows you to see just how beautiful your car has become! We will only take our cars to Rugged Cross as we trust them to take the necessary care.– Sarah

February 26, 2011

I highly recommend Rugged Cross Detailing. Our first experience with this detailing business was my husbands '92 Toyota 4X4, it is black but looked almost grey with oxidation. Willie, the owner of Rugged Cross Detailing washed, buffed and waxed it making it look brand new again, amazing job, we were hooked. Next came my van, it had a stain in the back carpet that had been shampooed a couple of times but just would not come out! Atlas the miracle worker, Willie, did his majic of shampooing my entire carpet and seats bringing them back to near new looking. How nice it is to have a clean interior to sit in. Next came the truck interior, and you know how dirty a man's work/hunting truck gets inside? Well not anymore....sparkly clean, like new again, no more stains either. I am thoroughly happy with his work. He has a job doing our vehicles in the future for sure! Willie has a true love for making any vehicle look new again that is why he works hard to please his customers.--Sharon (A lifetime satisfied customer)

February 24, 2011

A friend told me about a bad stain (spill) she had on the inside of her car and how it didn't come out when its was detailed once before. And told me of "Rugged Cross Auto Detailing" and how he was able to remove the stain and really clean the inside of her car. So I thought that I would also try it out. Mined you, I had a Peke that loved to go riding with me, so I had dog hair everywhere in my car, plus a nasty stain from a spill on my the seat. Well, I was amazed at how "new" it looked after he had detailed the inside for me. My car is ten years old so you can guess how dirty it can get. I would gladly recommend "Rugged Cross Auto Detailing" to anyone who wants or needs their car to look brand new once again and at a fare price. I felt that his price was reasonable for all the cleaning that he had done.-- Diane Kaufman, Aumsville

February 23, 2011

Willie has detailed numerous vehicles for me, including cars, trucks and minivans. He gets the vehicles clean, protected & looking like new without the unnecessary gloss & smell I’ve experienced with other detailing services. I highly recommend Willie to anyone looking for top quality work at the lowest prices in the business.– James Hoff, Auto Broker, Portland, OR

I have had more than one vehicle detailed by this guy and was very satisfied both by customer service and price. In my opinion its the best value around.– David

With Willie at the buffer you will get the best detail job, inside and out, that you have EVER seen. He is a one man show-he doesn't rely on others to do any part of the job. He is the one making sure every door-jam, wheel and engine part is squeeky clean before your car leaves the shop! And what a bargain!! Best price you will find in ALL of Salem/Keizer or any surrounding area.‎ - A Google User